Women Iconographers

 Women Iconographers I would like to invite icon painters around the world to post their newest icon images.

Icon painters potentially write spiritual truth which can come through reason as revelations or through logic which analyzes and sees patterns. Our intellect is essentially the innermost aspect of the heart and becomes the eye to the heart/soul. Part of us knows God as we paint and the inner essences of things in an unmediated way. Icon images come as living waters and flow into shape and form. I am curious especially about icons and women, how we find image and what we are saying as contemporary icon painters.


I invite iconographers  to post their Women 3image and comments together. Remember, the human family is created by “God”, let us give respect for everyone’s efforts and refrain from negative criticism. Peaceful Painting


Announcement from Prayer and Image in Iconography


maryPlease help me grow this small group, Build a dialogue for iconography through this wonderful art form. peace

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