Who Owns the Planet?

Pope Francis suggests one basic misconception causing problems in our society and the world is that we still believe we were given absolute power over nature by God. It is misinterpretation of abundance, God giving dominion over all did not mean ravage it! Who in their right mind would grow a garden and leave it in the hands of someone who knew nothing at all about gardens. The garden has certain energetic and orderly prescription which it follows in order to survive. Obviously the gardeners job is to learn this and help the garden flourish.

Does nature have consciousness?


lewesWe utilize our knowledge as power over nature, the attitude justifies an ethic of domination and possession- an ethic shaping and reinforcing modern science’s methods of objectifying nature. We approach the natural order as if it were something we can used up, manipulate or exhaust, thinking it will always be at our disposal. As a result we have no relationship with nature only an arrogance thinking we own it and can annihilate it with no responsibility.

Do you think it does not rain in many places around the globe because we have stopped performing rituals which where seated in thanksgiving and respect for the source of the rain? Do you think the dry land has become barren and the species become extinct because we do not notice their value? The questions are ridiculous, it is human ignorance which causes the environment to become diminished…¬† Lots of things die for lack of love.

Why do we not understand and appreciate the natural world?


For thousands of years, it was impossible for humans to sun set palletexhaust natural resources, we have had such a small effect on the natural order until recently. Past civilizations lived more harmoniously with nature, included in their daily life were rituals of thanks and praise. Now our society is out of tune with natures eternal song and the planets inherent harmony is being stripped away by our greed and inconsiderate behavior. Nature offers itself abundantly and we give back grudgingly only a little. These days nations around the globe extract all they can, manipulate the evidence of our misuse and hide the horror we leave in our wake. We are investors who lie and ignore consequences, all the while seeking more and more as if someone else will replenish the tremendous loss.

We are stressing natures balance instead of being good stewards.


We gain tremendous insight realizing nature does not need us for anything it lacks, the natural world has the potential to reveal wisdom and teach us in unexpected ways. If we could shift the paradigm and see planetary resources as an investment to be nurtured and protected, unceasing abundance would arise for everyone. There is plenty to go around the problem is we waste so much! Humanity is one sided and blind to the mechanics of nature and its capacity for rejuvenation without our help. Nature provides limitless sources of energy through the sun, wind and earths gravity. We have not learned to be responsible or share the attitude of give and take between the natural order and mans desire to own, control and dominate.

The financial world, economists, science and experts in technology are guilty of being ignorant or blind to the damage they cause from their proposals and inventions. They have not been held accountable and suffer no consequences for the way have influenced the population.

We see nature as hostile to our lifestyle; too cold, too windy, too green, or too quiet. We live with the illusion we love the infinite and unlimited growth yet we do everything to control and avoid it.

Pope Francis  would say, find some small way to Love the Planet

a little every day,

even if all you can do is stand outside in the rain and say thank you.

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