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Dali Lama said, “The Destruction of your enemy is destruction of yourself…”

The man understands. What goes on in our head is what we are on the planet. The power of the mind is underestimated; the future will demand we control what we think if we are going to find peace.

The part in the Dialogue that includes the prayer wheels addresses this very idea. There are 40 prayer wheels extended together and they all say the same thing. “Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” The person spinning the wheel becomes a member of the perpetual cycle, promoting the true spirit of belief and enlightenment through the world, i.e. Forgiveness.   The quote selected is a portion of the Lord’s Prayer, a very old Hebrew prayer. The choice is obvious I hope and needs no long explanation.

Forgiveness is the highest form of prayer and the ground of compassion, for our world to come to peace with ourselves, one another and the environment we all need to start spinning.



What are prayer wheels and what is their purpose?  Insight and Overview

Prayer wheels are commonly found in Tibet and are usually employed as a call to prayer in monasteries, at home and along the mountain passes.The wheels are symbolic of Buddhist worship. Prayer wheels represent both good luck and prosperity. With the integration of Buddhist worship in Tibetan society, the wheels began to be incorporated into the iconography of Buddhism.

Buddhist prayer wheels aid in integrating  the natural world into the human conceptualization of Buddhism. Mantras are written onto the wheels spin their prayer  around at homes, temples and mountainsides. As they spin it is believed that the wind will ‘pick up’ the words on the wheel and spread them throughout the world. Wherever the wind blows, the words and sentiments of the mantras will be carried. Considering the positive nature of the mantras, this is a good thing because feelings of prosperity and enlightenment would be carried throughout the world. Or at least that is the prime intention.

It is also wise to point out that the recipients of the benefits of a prayer wheels are not just those in far off lands where the wind blows the mantras, prayers, and invocations. The person that spins the wheel is said to be the recipient of good luck and other such positive results. This could be because the person spinning the wheel becomes a member of the perpetual cycle of promoting the true spirit of belief and enlightenment through the world.

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