We are Living Conscious Stardust

4 billion years of connected molecules.egg cosmos

The universe is pure gift, driven by energy which is continually transforming, moving, unstable and unpredictable. Try and imagine humanity along these lines; full of promise and possibilities without control, it is just happening.
Creation does not actually need us.

The planet is teaming with life, just look around. perhaps you see around you only what humankind has created?  Take a walk in the wood or the beach and reconnect with the wonder of what humankind did not create. The planet is not an object to be exploited but rather a living being inviting dialogue and participation.

Religionists have focused on human effort and moral agreement, why have they not taught us how to be. For the past 5,000 years our minds have seduced us into thinking and believing we are important.

Remember the earth as being alive around you and you will remember your alive as well. Most of humanity is beginning to wake up.  We are our own problem, our thinking and behavior. Our contemporary arrogance creates incredible pain and suffering and loss for the planet.



“If nothing existed in the beginning that does not mean that nothing was happening.” Animistic religion makes no distinction between animated and in animate objects but recognizes they both possess conscious vital energy. We belong to a mystery which  is greater than ourselves, which is endowed with purpose and meaning.

The new paradigm for humanity will value our interconnectedness and its potential, over what we know of as power, control and individuality. Humans meditate to achieve no mind;  reflect on the egg! it knows not what it will become, it waits!.

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