Water Pistols instead of Guns

Guns are designed to kill and maim, hurt, disfigure and mutilate,not protect.banner 6

The other day I was watching a program about guns and how they really work. They were shooting watermelons and describing how the bullet destroys. Some bullets explode on impact, others go directly through their target, still others tear and mutilate. I am confused wondering why the manufacturing of guns continues to be a fascinating and vibrant industry, as sport and social behavior. Guns are made from metal, designed and created to kill. There is nothing glamorous; the item itself creates cadavers and corpses leaving us spiritual skeletons.

I paint pictures of Jesus for a living so I am confused by many things?

My thought was if we have to have guns like a mk37, do we have to also use bullets? Why not use tranquilizers instead and at the end of the battle we count up who won, 732 passed out on your side and 429 on ours, you win! Eventually every one wakes up and goes on with their day till another battle arises. Think of the expense incurred because of bullet wounds. All those shoot outs would no longer require a trip to the hospital, no more bleeding bullet holes in the intestines or an eye socket to rebuild. So much of our medical care revolves around sewing people up after someone lost their mind for a moment. I think the use of weapons is a low form of consciousness trying to seek a solution. I win you lose, not enough intellect there.

One Gun verses Collecting them.

If people who like Guns had a choice, the gun with bullets or the gun with a tranquilizer how do you think the percentages would balance out. Seems like if the balance was high on the side of bullets this would indicate guns are actually about killing and not protection or defending, tranquilizer could do that with no blood or emergency care! If you have to own one, at least do not collect a bunch of them.

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