Solar Energy, Water and the Sun, it is Magic

It has long been one of my precepts to live by, that if you love God you will naturally come to love the planet. Lately this concept has been put to the test; so much of our human behavior stresses both ends of the equation. Like many of you, I feel increasing frustration with a world moving too fast, too technical and generally too much of everything. Solar energy will change your mind.

However every once in a while we stumble upon a life style change of pure delight and magic with little effort. This happened to my husband and I with the simple installation of a solar water heater on the roof. I would strongly suggest the next time you have 700 dollars to spend on a vacation or home improvement think about the sun heating all the water in your house for FREE! , excluding global warming where all of us will have plenty of heat all the time.

The unit was installed on the roof in one day, quietly, no noise and the next afternoon we had gushing, too hot to touch water, gloriously filling the bath tub! I remember when we installed our first flush toilet on our small farm in Appalachia. That added home improvement had quite a different effect on me. As I watched my first poop swirl in the water and leave through a hole in the basin I thought, so sad, it will be ages till it is compost.

At any rate, back to the water heater, the apparatus is lovely to look, shimmering in the sun, in addition to what it represents for our planet. Six months ago we would have had to purchase a tank of gas every 45 days for 65.00. The company drives the gas tanks around in a truck to deliver and they have to build safe storage and refilling stations outside of town. We will no longer be contributing to this antiquated business design. If you do not live in a place like sunny Mexico, this means nothing to you but for those of us who absorb more sun and heat that we care to, this tiny perk the sun gives through free hot water is welcome and agreeable. I estimate in two years our solar installation on the roof pays for itself and the company says it is good to go for 20 years.

Look into it on the web or anywhere you see them being sold. Help the planet and enjoy, water is magic.  my Art for Peace Project, global ethics

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