Vision for a New World

We need a vision for a new world and plan for more awareness emphasizing the restoration of our connection to each other and the planet. We no longer live in isolated parts of the globe. It is folly to destroy what the planet gives. Likewise, it is folly to allow a few powerful people and governments to destroy the cities and societies we have created.



What if we woke up one day and we felt everything completely, with no defense or avoidance. What if we had no control over what we created! For twenty four hours every encounter was open emotion, with no buffer, no filter. Every emotion, hesitation, conundrum, exuberance, agony, etc. was raw and unedited. We would be exhausted before 8:30 AM.

We say we want to have control over our lives but we can hardly process what is unexpected. We hold tight to the expectations we need to get through the day.  The point is, we do protect ourselves, avoid all kinds of situations and prevent the next action by reacting and getting bogged down in the first one. It is intense work to pay attention to the inside without trying to organize whats happening around us. So, Try to slow down long enough to unravel the part we contribute to the chaos. Seek your own peace first.

What we reflect, and what ripples do we create?

Monks practice not looking to the left or to the right, ever.

The reason for this is simple; it saves them from taking in more than is necessary, They try not to pay attention to the outside, analyze the moment or process the outcome. They watch and witness trying all the while to work on the interior 100 % of the time.

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