Images of Mary, the Mother of God imbue so many qualities we have lost in contemporary society. There OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAare as many images, commentaries, orthodox rules and meditations on icons of Mary as there are persons who pray. But, they all converge and point to the same teaching, presence in the moment.

“Do not talk about your knowledge before God but approach him like a child and listen.” St Simeon

“The tongue and heart moving are two keys to prayer, the vibration they make, mark the entrance into sacred places.” St Isaac

Silence and listening, even if for a few moments each day reflect our ascent or descent into knowing. Mary, the mother of God spoke little, loved much and received the fire of God in her womb. Such a teaching, some say was invented by men and around such lofty thoughts the Catholic Church and Holy Bible were formed. Many argue about who is right and what’s the truth, I say don’t miss the point, the idea of endless love and surrender to the moment is a viable way of staying centered in the rush of living.

The human being cannot create human wholeness, because we are not made in and of ourselves, we are part spirit, inseparable from the very life we are living.  Ask for spiritual ecstasy and union between yourself and the energy which sustains you.

We are restored to our original self because of love, inside and out. We are awakened to the spiritual intellect, eternal breath and kind emotions when we witness great acts of Love. As we awaken, we move in complete harmony; and this harmony fills the human being and creates human wholeness, what occurs is spiritual ecstasy between the known and unknowable. I have painted icons for many years and I have learned and explored much in the presence of Mary.

The Mary Collection will help to simplify life and find love. The experience of Mary will enliven in you again and again as you come closer through each image of Mary and her kind of motherly love.  Each of these amazing eighteen icons is accompanied by a short meditation on the iconography. This small book is a must have for anyone who loves Saint Mary.

$20.00 Now Available in Amazon and Lulu.com http://www.moderncatholiciconography.com/store.php, The Mary Collection: 2008,

Author Mary Jane Miller

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