Two kinds of Love

tile 1One of the most overlooked love of all: the love from nature. Every single leaf, flower, bird, patch of grass; every time the sun shines on our skin, or whenever a drop of rains falls on the ground: the energy behind all things that are.

We are all here because of that spark of life, of creation: we are here because of love. Let this love take ground in your heart, and from there, it will bloom into wonderful things.

Another kind of love is Agape. It is a love which is entirely spiritual and selfless. What a thought in today’s society. Paradoxically true spiritual love is often totally obscure, hidden and perceived as failure.

Great acts of kindness often go unnoticed, even by the one who is active in the loving. This turning around of the mind is the ascetic secret. The orthodox call this practice intelligent action; a modern term is meditation. This Agape love is to not think, to not have an agenda, to know the wisdom of God and be present to each instant as it presents itself. It is the pure love of life and living, ecstatic union with being.

The mind has a habitual way of twisting the love of God into the love of the world.

The heart is a thinking place and a source of inner life. The heart pulsates with love, it is the energies awakens the mind with feelings from the heart. “I am the way, the light and the truth.”

Christ said.  From here, “the I am” is where we form action. I am not talking about any kind of emotional action of love. I am not talking about a love you have any intention of giving. I am speaking about a quite involuntary, unexpected grace which is called “Agape”. This love has no interest in changing or fixing the world.

How to find this Agape.

Sit in a low stool, direct your mind toward your heart and keep it there, all the while repeating one word or short phrase in a rhythm with your breath, slowly inhale and exhale, settling into a deep rest point.  Gather your whole being into the heart.

If it seems impossible, this is usually for two reasons, either the mind cannot find the way because of insufficient concentration, or else the heart resists the minds attempt because of over active emotions and imaginations.

(You insist on thinking there are other things to do or this is a waste of time.) One needs mental attentiveness, inward stillness, union of the heart, mind and timelessness. The love we find in this meditation is the link between mind and heart, outside of agendas or judgement.

It is the absolute uselessness which unlocks the wonder of being…………… we are made to love, we are made from love and go into love, there is no other thing other than love.

We are restored to our original self, through this Agape. We are awakened to our spiritual intellect, spiritual word and spiritual emotion. As they awaken, they move in complete harmony; and this harmony fills the human being and creates human wholeness, what occurs is spiritual ecstasy between Sophia (wisdom)and divine love (Agape).



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