Art Project for Peace

moving project for peace

A moral power is generating the universe, whose ultimate destination is oneness. ­­The spark of life that is me, is the same spark of life native to all living beings. The name may be, God, Allah, Enlightenment, Om, the Way, Energy or Universal force. The Dialogue honors all of the names of the divine, in every language, on every continent with respect for all beliefs.

For 25 years or more I have dialogued with myself, through teachers, techniques, prayer forms and devotional readings. It has lead me to a closer understanding of myself and supported me while creating the installation.As I worked with 100,s of images it became obvious I’d need to organize it all.  So I divided them into two tiers, top tier for 17 gods and goddesses and second tier for the 5 great religions. I chose 10 master teachers, all people who have walked among us, and portrayed them seated because sitting in stillness is common to all spiritual practices.

I started the Art Project for Peace as a meditation to clarify my feelings about the human violence and global devastation increasing during my lifetime. The process of designing and building an iconostasis that comingles 27 devotional images, representing 5,000 years of beliefs, was not easy for me,… as I expect it may not be easy for others who approach the installation.

 As a Christian, I gradually found myself willing to accept Jesus next to the philosopher Lao Tzu, the Mayan corn God and Buddha next to Mohammad. It was fantastic to watch my mind try and make sense of all these philosophies in one time and place.

I suspect they never imagined they owned God or the planet.

Einstein said,” We cannot solve the human dilemma with the same mind that created it.” Einstein is correct. I think we do have a human dilemma, and it’s a big one. The 5,000 years of spirituality I represent in the Dialogue Installation, highlights the best minds that history has to offer.

I want to go further and ask, “Why are we here and where is here?” Most of us cannot answer such questions. And any one answer will change from generation to generation.  The dialogue I want to start is,” how can we live with what WE have created, on a planet WE did not create?” I made the Art Project for Peace installation to both honor and explore the great minds and spirits which have wrestled with these questions.

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