Spiritual Simplicity

Spiritual SimplicityNo One answer


Many times over 40 years I have wondered why there is not a better church, a more progressive mystical body of Christ you can look for in a building. I have been curious why we find little new knowledge with a new priest or even a new understanding about old scripture. I often get inspired by sound bites I see on face book, blurbs about the oneness of humankind or the universal energy imbued in creation.  Where are the holy people?

Some of us have no problem drifting on the ocean of God and floating from one denomination to another asking, Is not God everywhere? More and more of us are asking what separates us, where is the peace between us, why is not spiritually more simple?  Every day the way changes. 


Looking at the root


I was born, baptized and confirmed Episcopalian, and became Catholic at age 28 because I wanted to participate in the Eucharist every day. For 20 years I became increasingly sad and aware of the various restrictions the Orthodox and Roman Catholics had incorporated into the community of the faithful. The laity was forbidden to read the Bible and discouraged from studying alone as recently as 60 years ago. I found it incredible. I was active in Bible study, meditation groups, exploring ritual, history and sacrament and reading the lives of the saints. There is much to learn and question. Like many, I have had  a wonderful and exiting journey.

Spiritual Simplicity


Aren’t we all looking for a better church?


I found there is no one answer  -Christians,  Muslims, Hindu or Jew all have spiritual simplicity. The world is round for a reason and this roundness reminds us we are connected.  Aren’t we all looking for a better expression of church? These days we have so much misery in our world and the strides towards peace for me seem to be too slow. What do we really know about the body of Christ, the interior of Buddha and the songs sung by Mohammad. 

What to do; I say analyze and reflect on any of the teachings and be an example of goodness and kindness.

Give the credit to the force greater than yourself and try to think peace, it is spiritual simplicity.

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