September 21 World Peace Day

globe_heartThomas Merton says ‘ we are already one. But we imagine that we are not. What we have to recover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we are.’ When we’re no longer trying to become somebody, when we’ve ceased struggling to be anything, we are able to rest in the truth of what we already are.”

The dignity of every life comes from the fact that every being is an expression of the universes evolutionary mystery.  Spiritual teachings of the world call this mystery God, Allah, Yahweh, Krishna, Tao, Mind etc.” They are words and not the reality; they are concepts not the experience of oneness.

Meditation is a practice that involves serious thought or contemplation. The word derived from Latin and connotes deep, concentrated reflection. There are as many approaches to meditation as there are people, but the general goal agreed upon is to train the heart and mind to observe, and then to let go of attachments in order to simply be mindful.

Whatever method after the mind and heart become still, our lives become a meditation. A simple life of meditation accentuates the aliveness we feel: when talking, one is talking mindfully, when studying, studying with concentration, when resting, resting fully.

Humans experiences life on three levels. The first is the physical level; the second is the soul and represents identity and intellect, finally the third level is the light of spirit. Those who strive hard for the sake of the light, mystery, divine presence, etc. will be enriched, not only through their body and true self (soul), but also through the awareness of our spiritual and intellectual (luminous) bounties where absolute beauty resides. (Paraphrasing the Holy Qur’an 47:6).

On September 21st, inspire everyone and yourself in the spirit of a Global Day of Prayer and Peace.   Our voices together will gradually become louder and louder and eventually all creation and all people’s intentions will be directed towards peace. With your voice and actions bring forth practical awareness between pastors, churches, ashrams, public parks, civic centers, government buildings, politicians and business leaders, in remembrance of our global need for prayer and peace

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