Eucharist is Sacred Matter

When matter becomes spirit
When matter becomes spirit

Sacred Matter

The life of spirit is experienced through the physical; when we recognize them together we become truly alive. Consumerism can be seen as a secular parody of the Holy Eucharist, a parody because we are lifeless when we consume without thanksgiving. We distort the whole idea of a gift when our backs are turned to the Giver. Consuming without awareness adds no life to your spirit; the object itself is lifeless. When we forget the sacredness imbedded in matter we grab and consume without thanksgiving. The Eucharist is a wonderful teaching with the potential to illustrate through ritual the direct contact with how the divine is made flesh.

Eucharist is a Mystical Moment

When we receive and contemplate “Eucharist”, our material world becomes a sacrament of love and a reminder from where we have come. The act of receiving spiritual life translates into Godness for humanity. The simplicity of this icon is an attempt to suggest the transfigured state of things, to see the human hand hold divine elements, witnessed through the eye of spirit. The icons image is a powerful symbol used to bring the view back through the door to a mystical moment.

 White Surface and Silence is Where We Begin

Icons are important today as carriers of an almost forgotten dependence on the presence and action of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives. The best ones are able to communicate to modern day viewers a glimpse of heaven that can bring comfort, revelation, healing, and sometimes an invitation to establish a relationship with God. Each time I immerse the brush to turn and draw out the paint, a spiral of color is formed. It reminds me of our ongoing life force and evolution. Everything is cyclical and circular, like the host in the Eucharist and like the message in sacred matter.


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