Religion makes us and We make Religion

Religious art of today has little contemporary origin but rather the remains of mystical undefinable experience found in the past Iconography expressed in the new mind.
New Religion is found in beautiful emotion experienced in modern theology. It is the seed of true catholic art and modern science. To know what is impenetrable manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty. This knowledge, this feeling is at the center of all new religion.

New religion continues to express art in the modern world.  For many people any change from tradition is a complete impossibility, and I can understand why they may think this. Formal religion is driven by narratives that are familiar for many but for some quite lifeless. New religious art has a tendency to remove all meaning and reduce the images to vague symbols. The old religious doctrines are a straight jacket for some contemporary artists, especially women in Iconography.

The importance of the relationship between art and religion through the voices of women iconographers is still revealing itself. The church and the artist understand the affiliation between them, and the value of this ongoing dialogue. Mary Jane Miller believes the religious impulse will not simply go away, improving our understanding of the divine without confusing it with formal religion will lead us to new byzantine Christian icons.    Religious art today has no contemporary origin but rather the same mystical undefinable experience found in the past expressed through exploring religion vs Spirituality.

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