Playing in the Glorious Colorful Dirt of the Earth/God.

 Technique and Spirituality

 For millenniums, cultures have developed art forms in honor of God and Goddesses, to express what cannot be seen. The other day someone asked me what I do? And I said, I paint pictures of God with dirt!

Egg tempera Painting, like any other art medium, potentially allows the practitioner or the viewer to connect with the spiritual world. I try to make visible that which is divinely felt but not seen. Tempera is one of those secret visual languages no literature or any other form of communication can replace. Similar to a mantra, each repetitive stroke is a private and silent inquiry which gradually brings forth a particular image. I realized my mind is making matter. Actually we all do this, all day long in ways I will not try to explain here.

Egg tempera is the vehicle, it operates as a symbol in harmony with spirit; we move the earth with the essence of life (egg yolk, raw potential for life). Tempera is a simple technique intimately linked to ones spiritual growth. Reciprocal relationship; the spiritual makes the hand and the hand makes the spirit. How can the consciousness in my hand become a gift to the beholder?

 Love Releases All Things

detail from the Dialogue for peace
detail from the Dialogue for peace

I had like many of us, love ripped right out from under when I least expected it. But you know lessons like that are eye poppers. You wake up and say, (if you can) OK I got it! I will live a life alive without reserve even if I do it alone. I had to find an object to love; first I found paint and a brush, the best hiding place for me. I could stomp around in my mind with the brush as a weapon and no one heard my interior dialogue of frustration. Then, I found a husband, or shall I say he found me. What relief; rest from the struggling, romance, love and just plain bliss. Then I found egg tempera.

 The love of any technique inevitably influences what the artist’s creates. In my case it is devotional or sacred art. Through the two aspects of practice and creativity my daily life has been transformed. For me I realized I am divine image walking.

I realized humankind is imbued with the brush stroke of God, I have no more doubts that we all posses God in some way. A musician begins loving the actual instrument, like I loved the brush, they get fascinated by its resonant harmonies, and understanding how it functions before being able to invent sound which speaks at will. The order is something like, from desire to mind, to practice, to offering what has been created.  A cloudy history of sorrow can thereby become spiritually visible. I hope people who see my work see unified beauty where technique and spirituality cannot be separated.

Ask yourself, what do you really Love? Find IT and use it till it speaks for you, through you and in you.

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