Paradoxical Belief

Christians often believe in realities which are paradoxical. These four concepts are said to be doctrine, takes some of us years of mediation to integrate such illogical but powerful ideas into daily life.

God is Trinity: Three Persons in One God at the same time.

Jesus is fully human and fully divine at the same time.

Mary is virgin and mother at the same time

Eucharist is bread and Jesus Christ at the same time.


These beliefs are illogical and contradictory and are often first experienced mystically as an “A HA!” moment within the soul. Words do not make experience and here in lies the difference between Faith and Belief. Faith gives you the “A HA!”. It is an interior undeniable something which transforms your soul and often your perception, YOU KNOW! Belief on the other hand is the doctrine, consensus and spoken reality there of. We say, WE BELIEVE.

Time is: past, present, future.

Lemons are alive but do not have life.

You can dam the water but not stop the flood.

We are million year old star dust made into new forms everyday.

The church teaches doctrine, clever and precise words about what we believe but God gives insight and “knowing” to the soul and that is called undeniable faith, explainable truth. Intuitive knowing happens at the deepest level within the soul and there, paradox and mystery are unavoidable. You think you know, but you have no you to know and what is knowing?

Paradoxical Belief


Finding is losing; losing is finding (Luke 17:33).

The poor are rich (Matthew 5:3); the rich are very poor (Mark 10:17-25).

Hunger is satisfaction (Matthew 5:6); satisfaction is emptiness (Luke 12:16-21).

Weeping is bliss (Matthew 5:4).

The wise and learned do not understand; but children do (Matthew 11:25).

Folly is wisdom; while the wise are ignorant (1 Corinthians 1:18-27).

Weakness is strength (1 Corinthians 1:18-27).

Mysticism is a master of creative tension held together by the grace. The AH HA moment demands compassion with yourself as it will often leave you alone and speechless. This kind of holy understanding is not found through logic alone, but with small affirmations unfolding through signs and symbols around you.

Paradox is a quiet teacher where wisdom transforms your daily thoughts and contributes to making every aspect of life more whole and inclusive.


Look for God in everything that is not right and all things will come into balance.       Paradoxical Belief


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