Outrageous Thoughts on a Sleepless Night

we are walking  stardustWho is thinking when we awake from a midnight sleep,

comfortable in the bed? Who is that mind fully aware and observing? The other night I was shocked to realize I awoke thinking about packaging around the world and how really wasteful it is. I thought about Sam’s club, a  glass jar wrapped up 4 times by the time I got it home. Then I remembered a car radio which I ordered on line, it arrived with excessive Styrofoam and plastic bags for every part. Our lifestyle thinks nothing of excessive packaging for everything. Sad to imagine how much environmental waste is created as a result of packaging and re packaging. Paper, cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam peanuts, wooden crates for certain stuff, complete with brackets we don’t use and instruction books we don’t read. I am awake and thinking so I go to the bathroom for the morning pee.

As I sit there in my pajamas, (which at some point were packaged and transported)

I look around my bathroom and begin thinking about the transportation it took to get it all here. I sat there thinking about the containers arriving in harbors around the world carrying, mirrors,lights,  toilet seats, sinks, shower heads, toothpaste, towels, shampoo, etc. Each and every item is packaged and shipped and waiting to be unwrapped displayed and sold. I think about my morning Coffee. One product like coffee entails, packaging and transport too. Few of us will forgo or delete the luxury of coffee form Columbia or Hawaii from our daily life.  We go to the store; we bring it home packaged again and think nothing of it. That coffee bean was grown in another country and packaged in yet another. The history of one Coffee bean is unimportant yet, imagining the transport of them multiplied by all the other things we consume in a day is staggering.

 As I make the coffee, my conscious mind is now moving to a place verging on depression. The coffee industry advertises to get us to drink it, and throw away the cup. Advertising represents some enormous percentage of the cost of a coffee. The printed paper material yolked to how to market it, flying people across continents just to figure out how to get us to drink their coffee is stressing our environment even more. Coffee is ready; I take that first aromatic sip of delight and satisfaction. Perhaps I could carry my own  coffee cup when I go out, 8 oz or 12oz?

I imagine millions of us a glancing towards that fabulous liquid at this very instant?  All those beans converted into a brown water experience and later the byproduct is waste, in the form of the cup, the grounds and the classic need to pee. Who came up with this tradition!

Not finished thinking, One more reflection.

Now we have had all the special coffee we want and the consequences of an extra strong, extra large espresso  becomes a health issue. To regain the comfort lost from too much coffee is a pharmaceutical delight. Pills, (more packaging transport and advertizing) to heal our kidneys and or a health spa, yoga mats or meditation group (more packaging transport and advertizing) to calm the effects of the hypertension. What we felt all those years was great but now it is time to pay but not for coffee. It is all connected folks; from the little innocent coffee bean hanging on a limb someplace, to the invisible effect it has on our organism and environment.

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