One truth, One religion, Many truths,Many religions

Major religious leaders and their followers have an obligation to agree on and teach
unity rather than division as a way of life. Appeal for peace. Fellow religious believers, Despite our doctrinal differences we are simply human with One truth, One religion, Many truths,Many religions.

There is no more room or time for prejudice,intolerance or exclusivity.

Make yourselves instruments of peace and live out the ethical teachings of your own religion. Let us embrace the common humanity that lies in the heart of us all. Let’s soften all our actions, what we do and
what we say to include compassion and respect. We are temporary guests on the earth, don’t let trivial division and discord squander the brief time allotted us. Make the time here meaningful,be not a hindrance to others or regret for yourself. Celebrate September 21


  1. The primary purpose of religious teaching is to tame the mind and open the heart.  Religious practice is designed to be the antidote to any violent tendency latent in the mind. Build a  mind and heart filled with are forgiveness and peace.
  2. Learning about and respecting the diverse faith traditions around the globe allows our hearts to be softened. Practice forbearance by developing patience, tolerance, self- control, moderation, mercy, leniency, restraint, in one’s daily life. This fosters a wholesome community for everyone.
  3. Religion promotes and encourages love for this planet which sustains us. The planet is the container we are karmically connected to. The indigenous spiritual traditions have always supported a proper and compassionate relationship to the natural world and the cosmos.
  4. Be a force of good speaking out consistently on the immorality of inequality; active charity and goodwill is an obligation of the faithful. There is plenty to go around and the creative potential within humanity to make equality come about.
  5. In reality we own nothing, only the idea of controlling things. Humanity has not fully embraced the idea of sharing without ownership due to our fear of thinking we will not have enough. What has been offered since the beginning of time is more than sufficient. Waste not, want not. Using the last little scrap makes you more appreciative of where the next scrap is coming from. The abundance we already have slows down our desire for more and enables to live lives of simplicity.
  6. True spirituality recognizes all valid paths lead to the truth. Encourage every member of your sect to be committed to the faith while remaining genuinely open to the values present in the faith of others. Time tested religions have come and gone, the great ones have always been verified, modified and confirmed, and possibly improved over last past 5,000 years.
  7. Religious communities must learn to dialogue with the secular communities in the spirit pluralism and ethical compassion. The world belongs to both groups and has suffered as a result of each groups’ behaviors. Look for the interconnectedness of all things and acknowledge the bigger picture within our shared human nature. Reason and belief are required of everyone.
  8. Peaceful co-existence will be of paramount importance where science and technology are taking us. The Religious will not find explicit directions in their sacred scripture to control the rapid change and enormous power now in the hands of humanity.
  9. The mind which understands oneness has the potential for harnessing the power and energy of millions of believers. We can establish genuine peaceful co-existence among all people by seeing others as ourselves and ourselves serving others to promote human happiness.
  10. Science and technology are the voices which balance being human with wanting to be God.
Thank you, peace be with you


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