Mindfullness; Blood flow and Heart rate.

mindfull standing

Recalibrate and stop the madness.

We hear a lot of talk about stillness and peace but the question is; where to find “it”, how to achieve “it” or when will “it” be available to me. The answer lies in testing a variety of ways till one day you find the perfect method for you and your lifestyle.

We sit at out computers uninterrupted for hours, we rush from grocery stores to cooking, and we shoot around in our cars and text continually all over the place. We are moving or sitting, walking or talking, thinking all day long with a million things on our mind and responsibilities to attend to. How to stop the madness is the trick! Can I make a suggestion?

The Tai Chi practitioners say lying down is for healing, sitting is for enlightenment and standing is for strength. The other night I heard someone talking on the radio and they were saying, to stand for 2 minutes, still as stone breathing is better than jogging or going to a therapist.  Sounded like fluff but then I started thinking.

If we try this any available moment throughout the day the benefits are enormous.  The result is lowering blood pressure, focusing the mind, stilling the spirit, promoting health and calming the emotions. If we believe we are mind and light and molecules’, remembering to be still 2 minutes as often as you can, can only help us. Two minutes over twelve hours  of daylight comes to 24 minutes.

It takes you that long to wash the car or to upload a program on the computer. I started to think about how anyone could employ this technique throughout the day.

standing meditation

Begin by just trying to establish the practice alone.

Take a moment, make it sacred time each hour to recalibrate and stop the madness. Waiting in line, while you make the coffee, just after you hang up the phone, just after someone leaves your house just make it a practice to stand there and digest, readjust to the next incoming moment.

Set the bell chime on your cell phone to remind you, get up from the computer or walk into the hall outside the office, and look out the window. Ask your friends to join you, do it with your children.  Two minutes exhausts between 10 and 30 breath repetitions, depending on the person, count it out yourself.

Think of what this can do for our bodies’ blood flow and heart rate.

I can tell you this technique is not any easier than any other but little by little, I think it has potential for establishing more mindfulness, regulating the emotions, induces more oxygen flow throughout the body and can help adjust the speed with which we all seem to be moving, you must admit it is pretty fast these days! Breath!

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