Mary and Martha Icon Painting and The Story in The Bible

Who chose the better part?

Loving what and who you are, in your deepest essence.

Love is the activity which connects you to the world and your self; Mary’s “Better Part”, However, Love remains unseen if not for it’s activity and manifestation, the Martha Part. The Mary/Martha story is about the root which generates the active life, that invisible root is the “Better Part”, the love part.

Love motivates the actions but the manifested action is not eternal.

It is what it is. Involve yourself in the activities you need to do, but always try to stay detached from the result, they are two different things. The institutional church is full of “do gooders”, we are indeed trying to help the community in important ways but for whose end? Asking the questions mentioned above helps clarify the intensity of our private satisfaction and pride with our self.


Balance between Mary and Martha

I recently participated in a 7 hour meditation retreat and one of the meditations was from a line in a Rumi poem (I Think?) …The sun never says to the Earth, you owe me! Spiritual wisdom is like the light of the sun, it is given in it’s fullness, we do not own it, sustain it or maintain it, we are the recipients of it. The spirit and its light gives us the strength to love our enemies as ourselves and the world we live in. Jesus says (see John 4:13-14). Your True Self, the light of love in you, cannot be exhausted. When we live conscious lives as a true self, we are connected to the Loving Inner Presence, we offer Loving Kindness to everyone and everything. The light asks for nothing in return.

The mainline churches have failed to teach us to stand in the light and get burned, the burn can be getting “nothing in return”. The false self cannot live the message because it wants fairness, even parts, equality. Christians have been fighting one war after another, excluding, torturing, and killing enemies right and left because we justify our understanding of the Gospel. We manipulate the light to serve our own ends, we place great value on what we given away and we fear what might be taken from us. Christ teaches us how to love what hurts us. If we are looking for fairness, it is impossible to love what hurts us.

Nothing is clogging your drain.


When we love, we become more loving. If we practice patience, we will become more patient. If we give without measurement we miraculously continue to give. If we stop the divine flow of light because of resistance, justification, pretext, selective reasoning or our own determined agenda, we become clogged up like a drain filled with dead hair and sludge. Clean the drain so the light of love can flow through you. It is in your power to do this, let go and let God.

Love is our essential identity.

We are learning these days that love is our essential identity—to share, to be inclusive, to find what resonates equally with and between all involved. The light of love has been put inside of us; the part of us that always says yes to God is invisible, the “Better Part” you cannot see it except through love manifesting in action.

Protesting over birth control, homosexuality, addiction, prestige, power, possessions and divorce are manifestations to shame one another. The protesting is an effort to make things even; I believe so you must believe, Martha saying, I work so you must work. Try to love whats hurts you, scares you, threatens you, pisses you off and in that love bring the light, let is be the true self in you illuminating and being stronger than the rest. You will never get paid back or be able to conform but you will live in the light where love is your essential identity.


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