Why take an Icon Workshop?

Lent and Easter is a season of reflection, meditation, and icon workshopdeepened spiritual connection. It is a time set aside to journey up the mountain by going deep inside icon painting. Ask for help to re calibrate the madness we have suffered over the past year. It is is a time for reflection and wonder with the spirit of light which dwells in us all.

This is an optimal season for sacred arts and exploring new practices.

10 great reasons to take an  Icon Workshop


1. More beauty in the world benefits everyone. Think of how wonderful it feels to see some accomplished piece of work, a garden, a clean room or even just sweeping the floor.

2. Stillness touches history and tradition, your own and that of your ancestors. Though breathing we become connected to creation as it evolves.

3. You will get the experience of quiet surrender to something greater than yourself even if just for an instant.

4. I will be there too, in the silence, in the creativity and in the process

5.You will have a chance to break up the clogs in your consciousness about how you have thought about God and the little parts you no longer need or believe in. There will be new calibrating through the awareness of God inside as friends navigating together.

6. Take time for you! it is the most healing and intimate thing we can do for ourselves.

7. Magic Dirt! million year old dust, ancient colors moving on the surface remind us we are eternal.

8. You will be a better person for having tired a new approach to prayer and contemplation.

9. You walk away with your own icon painting, a testament of an extra ordinary experience.

10. Explore the truth, write from the heart with forgiveness.

Mary Jane Miller  is a qualified iconographer, offering the group practice to all levels, no experience needed. Each participant will be led by their own unique faith, in the creation of a beautiful icon. The sacred art work created becomes a family heirloom icon painting that will weather time and continue to serve as a window into sacred space.

Become a part of history: Connect to your interior through this marvelous tradition.tools 1 big

Sacred Art Workshops E mail to sign up;

Mariandale Retreat Center,  Ossining , NY April 10 to 15.

LINDA RIVERS Linda Rivers  lrivers@ophope.org

Lewes, Delaware April 17 to 22

Jeff Ross    jross@stpeterslewes.org

Monastery of the Soledad, San Miguel Allende, May 15 to 20

Mary Jane Miller  Mary Jane Miller   thewayoficons@aol.com

Sign up soon.

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