Intruding Upon the Stillness of Art

“We can observe things as they are, At Workor imagine things as you want them to be.

whichever option you choose comes with consequences.

The world is a big and complicated place, 7 billion individuals, filling themselves with new technology and fast instant living.

These two factors have forced me as an artist to wonder, how can I get people to slow down long enough to really experience the art work I want to present? Observation is an essential tool for the enjoyment of art.

I imagine everyone reading this has one photo, sculpture of some piece of art they have around the house which they glance at daily.

Art gives us joy and stillness, a moment to reflect on an idea or image isolated from the business of life. Art objects are creative snapshot s of time created by an individual. Good art hopefully evokes a flood of feelings and emotions which continually prompt feelings of aliveness in the viewer.

The stress of trying to find the collector.

We live in a diverse economy which offers enormous availability of choice for more and better, the art market alone seems to be over populated by abundance and variety.

There is ample stress generated in the constant competition between artists to be noticed. Success demands that the artist has to create exceptionally interesting promotion which adds a certain aggravation; the added work cuts into the sacred time needed in the studio.

Computer technology targets the public’s attention; endlessly satisfying their insatiable need to see more. Audience tastes—and audiences themselves—are continually being bombarded by new and different, even if it is not always well made or creative.

Technology seems to be stripping away the value of laborious handmade art and replacing it with modern techniques for sumptuous marketing. In all this, how is anyone to find their way to the real buyer/collector, someone who wants to see a work for more than a minute and send it on to someone else.

Today we all need team work.

Artists like me may imagine they are offering a spiritual symbol of hope for the soul’s revitalization. We try to be Imaginative while promoting ways for the public to participate and give feedback.

We work on one piece at a time, shaping a body of work first and then develop the field, the blog post, the audience, the text, the description the photograph and the web site hoping to generate some sort of magic.

That is the idea. An artist must now look beyond the confines of galleries, museums and art books, now we are encouraged to become even more. Our hyper-connected mobile society is forcing us to adopt new strategies, to design a market which reaches out to the public in innovative ways.

The thing is it used to be enough just to produce the art. Forgive me for the constant efforts I put forth through social networking, I fear it is boring, unoriginal and actually less about the work.

Artists are welcome to comment.  

Ironically, I want my icons and image to be used as tools to help us all slow down. The marketing is not about slow down,  the  art market focuses on the money and  exposure.

How do we maintain our private interior as it expresses beauty and imagination while creating a personality and public campaign for getting attention?  I consider myself an artist and thinker who is a Christian humanist of the modern era.

For 20 years I have shared my visionary ideas and practical applications in design, creating and teach other artists and seekers to reach new levels of remembering God through the use of image.

I still believe devotional art inspires the viewer to become fully alive. Just need to find a viewer. (smile)

Peace Mary Jane

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