Dialogue for Peace

In the age of our globalized human community and shrinking world, interfaith dialogue for peace and action is no longer just commendable endeavor but a historical necessity. The Dialogue Project does not communicate with words, but through image, to provoke a new way of understanding, thinking and reflecting on the religious beliefs of others and their meaning. The faith community of today must embrace inter-religious tolerance that encourages understanding, acceptance, respect, celebration and action.  Developing a new initiatives and agenda for cooperation are essential in our age of history.

This many faced Buddha, god and goddess, one of the 27 images in the Dialogue Installation, the image is reminding us to pay attention to our point of view and how it changes. The prayer position of the hands and sitting in prayer is common to many faiths. I have recently found this icon of Christ, i do not know from where it comes but it points clearly to other Gods and goddesses and their image.

Dialogue for Peace
Many face buddha and many face Christ


The dialogue project took 2 years to create and only now am I finding commonalities between faiths and practices and realizing there is no one answer. Life changes like the wind, molecules move around all day, thoughts are happening to 7 billion people around the world. We are diverse and wonderful creatures. BUT  We  still have not learned is to stop the fighting over who is better best or right. Remember to be kind. Dialogue for Peace in your heart and with others.


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  1. Hi from grey yuccy england. I came arcsos you by chance and am never one really to add any comments, but,you are good mrs, I am loving your stuff and your little puppys not bad either!, I have hopefully subscribed to your site and look foward to following your beautiful work. funnily enough I have just started a short lino cutting course and am loving it, cutting the lino is just so satisfying, disgusting but it reminds me of when you find something a bit grimy and cant resist poking it out! anyway, love love love your work, hope all is well in the uswith much admiration, Debbie, Brighton, uk

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