Icon Templates and Coloring Books

Time to order Coloring Books

Beautiful Iconography Templates to share  This is great resource for your church or school is this book filled with spiritual imagery offering contemporary ideas with an old world feel for the divine. The 26

historical images are bold, and fun to color, while the journal space beside each image is for jotting down reflections and insights.

Ancient Image, Sacred Lines is an ideal option for members from the

 Icon Templateschristian community who want to work on a commemorative project; for a love one who is about to move from the congregation; or a wonderful memorial gift for any one of your parishioners. If you’re a painter or like to color, the artist in you can pick the image you’d like to work with or for those who like to write in journals, take notes or just write down thoughts, Ancient Image, Sacred lines is also perfect combination.

For children and adults alike.

Each of these 26 historical images for Icon Templates can be used for meditation or as a template for those who have been painting icons and are looking for new ideas to experiment with.

Coloring Books today are increasingly popular. Create a book of your own, where you color the illustrations as well as write the text. Experiment with markers, watercolors, crayons, pencils or pastels to create your own iconographic art.

Each image has a tiny message and an empty page to fill with text, encouraging you to write out your own insights and thoughts about the image. With time you will have a wonderful visual journal filled with memorable insights and memories.

A collection of images, ideal for those reflective moments in life; whether at home or in the hospital, this is something you can use during those WAITING moments in life. Ancient Image, Sacred lines is designed to offer caring spiritual support during difficult moments in life.     Ancient Image, Sacred Lines  CLICK

Mary Jane Miller has 20 years experience as a master iconographer and today she is offering a creative idea, a way to slow down and concentrate on the beauty happening within

Buy One, or order several, use these Icon Templates for school or the hospital gift show   http://sanmiguelicons.com/

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