Icon Painting Techniques in The Light

Take an egg. Or, take two if you feel.

The urge to spend  All the time you would like to have.

With care knowing the secret within,

Break open heaven’s door and behold the gold of sacrifice.

Take time to begin to know gold and liquid – surrounded in clarity;

Then, faithfully, hold eternity in your hand.

The life-promise to light.

Take care to let go of the transparent,  to reveal the essence of life.

The sacrifice has begun. Now enfold wine with golden yolk. It must be part of the sacrifice.

Then add drops of lavender oil. Creation is closer now than at first.

Say the prayer of eternity. “Behold, it is very good.”

Reach out your hand and take the color that calls you by name.

On the white virgin surface you are the Creator’s heart with each beat, paint what needs creating

Made new and do not forget.

Amen.                             A prayer to be said before unknowing       Jeff Sells, 2014

This is what icon painting techniques are to me. The soft flow of layer upon layer of paint. The meditation that goes hand in hand with the icon painting techniques being taught and learned. These are the things I try to show my students; followers and those who appreciate these icon painting techniques.

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