Icon Painting Classes

My 3 to 5 day icon painting classes introduce the practice and theory of traditional icon painting/writing to people of all walks of life. These classes are also offered as a meditation as well as a painting class.

Mary Jane Miller has 20 years of experience as a master iconographer and teacher of ancient iconography using the medium of egg tempera. Icon painting and their images potentially reveal our thoughts about God and ourselves in the world. One main goal of the practice is to cultivate a clear and conscious icon image that becomes a lasting window to the divine.

No artistic experience is necessary, this is an Icon Painting Retreat to Learn and Rest.

There has been an increased interest in icon painting around the world. Classic Modern Catholic or Orthodox Icon painting offers an encouraging new dimensions to spiritual life through study and a new revived focus on faith and spirituality.

Contact Mary Jane Miller about Byzantine-style icons, modern iconography and Orthodox icon painting classes. These classes will change who you are, bringing out the spirituality from within.

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