Creation and Humankind

Jesus is a Guru like other great teachers of spirituality. We are the image of God which means to me that we are indwelled by God; God but not God. They teach us God became flesh and revealed to us that this is what we really are: not only flesh but divine. It could very well be that in the economy of salvation, God never completed the humankind icon painting image and we have been evolving towards it from the beginning. This means that all religions and spirituality come from the One Source. Christians alone speak of the evolution to higher consciousness as the work of God not of ourselves. The great Catholic bottom line: All is grace.

Creation and Humankind


In light of this, religions will one day walk together because all men were created in the image of God, Allah, Jehovah, etc. If God stopped creating, we would fall into nothingness.

God “IS” and cannot be reduced to one subjective reality that works or doesn’t work for groups of individuals. Whether they know it or not, knowing a great spiritual leader or not, most of belief is still grounded WORDS that illumines mankind and urges us to seek the truth. That is why I love the Dialogue. Because it speaks Without Words, yet represents mankind’s spoken words by great thinkers who try to delineate our behavior and all of creation. Both creation and humankind are grace in action in one form or another.

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