Hodegitria, Mary the Saint

Painted by Mary Jane MIller
Painted by Mary Jane MIller

The classic Hodegitria, “Mary who shows us the Way”, is also referred to as Sophia, meaning wisdom.  Her serene gaze appears to pull us into the solitude from where wisdom is born. The Christ Child sits on His mother’s left arm, holding a scroll, while blessing with his right hand. He is upright, straight and full of majestic detachment.  She sits as if enthroned and presents to us the Christ as a young man: king, teacher, guide, master, healer, priest, rabbi, friend, guru, etc. Christ floats in her arms, with only a tender light embrace. She has no expression of intimacy with the Christ child but rather stars out in the direction of the viewer. They do not seem to be in relationship, they are separate and active in what each of them understands and contemplates.

Saint Mary’s face reflects courage, sorrow and understanding, gazing at the viewer, silently waiting. She speaks volumes without words – telling us about her constant devotion to us, the challenges of mothering and asking us to seek and know who her son is.

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