Eternal Image

Eternal ImageEternal Image Eternal Image,

the text reads;

“There never was a time when He Wasn’t”. The doctrinal sound bite to answer the question, when did the Holy Spirit come?

I remember seeing several images of the trinity, there were three images of the same Jesus Christ in the clouds or around a table.  The pantocrator images have changed over the centuries from Him holding a scroll, then holding a book, then holding an open book.

I do realize this is an unsettling  change, leap, and concept.


Contemplating the humble majesty of a blade of grass, has relatively little complexity or importance. Yet, its very existence has been dependent on circumstance and environment stretching a third of the age of the Universe. Imagine for a moment, what is true of the blade of grass is also true for you. You share the same basic biochemistry, ancestral beginning, and genetic history with bugs, fruit and the Africans in Africa. We are all related because we were once the same. We are Eternal Image.   Mary Jane Miller Icons for a new Tomorrow.



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