God is Bigger: An Egg Tempera Painter’s Musings

Like most egg tempera painters, I often muse on what or who God is. And the most profound question I have come up with is this:

What if God is much, much bigger than the God that you don’t like?

Agnostics find believers to be silly or in need of an explanation for why we are here, they think we imagine it is too painful for us just to exist with no purpose. They are persons who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. Atheists one the other hand do not like any God defined by the believing world around them.

Atheist, Agnostics or Believer, evil and suffering is human business, not God’s

The Big Bang alludes to the existence of God because science has yet to define what was there before the bang? There was some kind of he/she/it, I will call God before the bang, existing outside of space and time, outside of the laws of physics, outside of energy and matter. He/she /it does not exist in the way that you and I do, because we occupy points in space and moments in time. God positioned all the perimeters within the laws present in physics, biology, mathematics, geology, metaphysics, magnetism, astrology and everything else. Our miniscule minds can only accommodate a tiny bit of understanding in a lifetime.

The Concept of God

God cannot be fathomed unless we enter a larger universe, engage with its unlimited potential and have an ongoing relationship of paradox, confusion and delight. The creator existed in totality before the big bang, so that energy, spirit, sound or light was outside of our universe. That God is revealed in our spiritual search or journey to find the source and that source is found in the many forms of love which unfold before us We can meditate, cogitate, ruminate, and pray “it” into existence. But is some ways your search for God is a waste of your time. The God I am speaking of is as they say, as close as the breath you breath, and the thought you are thinking.

Clever humans are the ones who come up with systems for us to follow like Christianity, they build hypothesis like scientists to frame the answer so we can embrace and be part of the system, community. But remember it is just a framework to explain the vast explainable isness of creation which is so finely and perfectly tuned it seems arrogant to think we will ever be able to understand even half of it. It is easy to believe there is something greater than me and I can live with that and I call it God.

Christians believe the character of God is revealed through Jesus, the human example walking around among us. So there’s the great Jesus, telling us to go out and love each other , turn the other cheek, surrender and love God, and so what do we do? We make up rules and stories about “God”.

It is not about the rules others create about God, Jesus, Allah, Mohammad, Yahweh or Moses. It’s about the relationship of love between us, about the magnetism some mysterious creator put in our souls without our permission or request. It cause us to be attracted to the things which are inexplicable like the logic of love or faithfulness we feel when we want to give up. That unlimited potential we are given by the energy in the big bang gave us the magnetic undeniable love we all desire more of.

Resources : Andrew Fletcher speaks

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