Peaceful Warrior

I have recently been told I would benefit from being more peaceful.

Well! Of course I would but, How! See all the exclamation points involved. There is my passion, mind, expression and reaction. They are littered through my personality like a stadium after a ball game. It is the way I came into this life, peace and patience where not in the mix.

However all these qualities, unruly as they are, enhance the artists; they are emotions and states of being which encourage the creative process.Without them we cannot get in the studio and get down to work. Most artistic inspiration is a reaction to what we observe. Much of our imagery comes from our mind recalibrating what we see around us. Expression requires movement and it is seldom still or quiet but rather filled with enthusiasm and passion.


Peaceful Warriors  might not create.

I have a fear of getting to peacefully content,  the day would go by filled with subtle changes, slow and detailed. It would be nice though, mostly observing and that’s it!

I may die trying to change into something which is not part of my story or Gods plan at all. However I do admit to being tiered and frustrated a good deal of the time and for those around me they get tiered and frustrated with me too. So I ask myself whats the drive? What can I do?  How can I…Stop…. Wait.

Two Arms

My husband Valentin has heard me talk about this oxymoron for many years. Like a Giant Shrimp, I want to be a Peaceful Warrior, a Creative Meditation. He finally gave me a metaphor I can understand. He held up his Right arm and said, “This arm is very strong” I looked at it, beautiful brown lovely smooth skin, filled with blood bulging veins, nice.

He said, “I do most of my work with this arm but I have another one”. And he holds up his Left arm and I see it is nearly identical. He said slyly, “this one helps direct the other; you can’t use a shovel with one arm. One arm is for force and the other for direction.

When you button a shirt you need one arm to pull it closed and another to adjust the button” (for anyone with one arm forgive the analogy) But his point was, we need balance, compromise, different muscles to do different stuff.  We all need strength but even with the strength we need a little bit of weakness.

So relax. Die as a peaceful warrior trying to change or change or do a bit of both.

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  1. Loved your message. Remember that gentle man & his awesome creative wife. Thank you

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