BE THE RIVER, Being is One.

We have to look deeply at things in order to see.

BE THE RIVER, Being is One.When a swimmer enjoys the clear water of the river, he or she potentially becomes the river through love. . . . Being is One.

If we want to continue to enjoy our rivers–to swim in them, walk beside them, even drink from them–we have to adopt the non-dual perspective. We have to meditate on BEing the river so that we can experience within ourselves the fears and hopes of the river. If we cannot feel the rivers from their within and their perspective, the rivers will die and we will lose our future with them.

If you are a mountain climber or hike in the forest, you realize the mountain forests breath the same air as ourselves. The sun is heart outside as our bodies have heat inside. Being is one and the same with our environment. It is a shame we continue to take and offer nothing to keep the balance. Millions of square miles of forest are destroyed by acid rain, and the ozone layer that regulates how much direct sunlight we receive has threatened the systems balance. For us, we end up with bad lungs, too much heat!

We have become imprisoned in our small minds, thinking only of the comfortable conditions for our small mind, while we destroy the larger mind of God. That mind of God is the mind which instructs us how to feel and experience oneness. With that mind we are able to be the river, we are able to be the forest, the sun, and the ozone layer. We are able to have hope for the future. The Dominicans say there is no God in the sky to help us, rather everything participates in ‘BEing’ because Being is One‘.

If we wreck our Being we wreck ourselves.

Materialism has kidnapped humanity and taken us away from spiritually. The consumption culture promotes indulgence, and excessive abuse, saying it’s good to satisfy every whim, to have low impulse control, to equate your worth with our possessions. Mindless consumption without restraint or respect is the opposite of the natural system which the Earth has been functioning on for millenniums.

Look first, act if you have toCIMG0284

Let us shift (Change) from the idea “it’s good to own, conquer and control” to “abundant life without waste”. That means a little less in every aspect of daily life; eating, vacationing, shopping, driving, consuming a little less in every aspect. Starve yourself from wanting more and begin to do, think and say what is needful. Slow down, living a life of stillness you will indeed notice more. Think always you’re Being is One. Walk down the beach alone you will notice and remember more than if you are with someone who is talking, I promise. LESS is more. Every species of plant or animal, every landscape, cloud and leaf that moves wants to share with you but you have to show up and BE there.

Here on this tiny island, the olives, honey bees, grapes, springs of ancient water, fruit trees, dirt, goats, sheep, fish and more has been more than enough to sustain life. Now it is being depleted, stressed and annihilated by tourist demand and ignorance of its capacity to replenish itself. There is no need to stop what any of us does, there is only a need to replenish what you consume or don’t consume more than you can contribute to preserving.

Contemplatives from all religions invariably come to the same deep insight

because it is the truth: Being is One with all.

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