10 Ways to Help the World and Yourself

face cixcEasy to make a list about 10 ways to help the world and your self but hard to remember them. I would recommend to use each one as a mantra for a few days, repeat a part on one of the them and reflect on what it means in your life.


” Transition is change”, ” No one is watching you”, ”Be Free, Share more”

1. Transition is change. Imagine death till it loses its significance. Recognize it cannot be avoided. Get comfortable with the concept of not existing and be not afraid.

2. Pay attention to every instant. A full life is achieved by Watching and Enjoy breathing!

3. No one is watching You. Don’t be shy about becoming a model in your community; be original, authentic and dynamic without fear.

4. Conforming can be Boring, risk being unique. Surprise the moment with answer which contradict, parables of joy and always expect the unexpected.

5. Sit still and meditation. Only you in your body can do it. No one can teach you and you need no permission, you show up each day and you get better at it, simply sit still.

6. Renounces concepts which limit consciousness; like death and suffering, time and space, right and wrong: you invented them you can change them.

7. Forget your Self. We spend lots of time developing the “I”, the truth is, the “I” is not sustainable or constant no matter how beautiful you think you have made it.

8. Be free, Share More. You came in with nothing, beware of holding on to the stuff you created, purchased or given. Non of the crap is really ours, eventually we get separated from it all.

9. Love your Enemies, do not resist evil and do good to all living things.

10. Each moment is a rebirth. Thinking you “Know” the past is a hindrance. See everyone as if for the first time, every instant of life is amazing and new.one in a million

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