10 great reasons to take an Icon Workshop

1. More beauty in the world benefits everyone. Think of how wonderful it feels to see some accomplished piece of work, a garden, a clean room or even just sweeping the floor. Try Icon Painting
2. Stillness touches history and tradition, your own and that of your ancestors. Though breathing we become connected to creation as it evolves.
3. You will get the experience of quiet surrender to something greater than yourself even if just for an instant.
4. I will be there too, in the silence, in the creativity and in the process Painting an icon with you.
5.You will have a chance to break up the clogs in your consciousness about how you have thought about God and the little parts you no longer need or believe in. There will be new calibrating through the awareness of God inside as friends navigating together.
6. Take time for you! It is the most healing and intimate thing we can do for ourselves.
7. Magic Dirt! million year old dust, ancient colors moving on the surface remind us we are eternal.
8. You will be a better person for having tried icon painting, prayer and contemplation.
9. You walk away with an image, a testament of an extra ordinary experience.
10. Explore the truth, write from the heart with forgiveness.

Window into Stillness

The Byzantine style images are organic and dynamic memories of your creation that move through time to speak to us. Over the past few years, thousands of people from a wide variety of spiritual traditions have found themselves drawn to these mysterious and prayerful Byzantine icon images that appeared in Eastern Christianity as early as the 4th century. Begun as a spiritual practice, creating them is an extraordinary way to pray, calling their creators to be still and rest in a place of thankfulness with God. Mary Jane teaches icon painting as a meditation in a prayerful atmosphere, this retreat/workshop will lead participants to enter the world of icon painting, while observing the mind as a window to the Divine.

This retreat with Mary Jane Miller is for all skill levels,

absolutely no experience necessary.

Write to us at millericons@gmail.com

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